The Home Improvement Experts At A Handyman’s Haven

A Handyman’s Haven was started in April 1999 by Maurice and Sonja Saroni as a returned merchandise business, where merchandise was purchased from brokers, retailers, etc. throughout the USA. These items were then sold at a savings of 50% – 70%. Our clients came from throughout Arizona, Western New Mexico, and Mexico. Many customers found us through our original website that listed more than 10,000 items for sale.

In 2003, a major shift in the returned products market resulted in a reassessment in the direction of the Company. By Spring 2004, A Handyman’s Haven implemented a new business model and this resulted in the current direction of the Company. Door components were the first new product carried, laminated flooring followed, and then a line of cabinets. Over 25 products including four (4) major cabinet companies are now available from these initial products.  A Handyman’s Haven prides itself in offering very competitive prices on all products with an emphasis on providing the customer exceptional service and a family atmosphere.

Maurice Saroni graduated from the University of Arizona with Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering with two nationally published papers. He is a retired USAF Colonel with 20 years with the Arizona Air National Guard, Tucson, AZ, 8 years with the USAF Academy as an Educational Career Counselor, and 7 years with the USAF Reserves. He is a retired Continental Airlines Inc. pilot having flown the Boeing 707, 720B, 707-320C, 727, 747, 757 series aircraft, and the McDonnell-Douglas DC10-10 and -30. His hobbies include Scouting, hiking, backpacking, mountaineering, ice climbing, bicycling, woodworking, philately, and collecting of many different items.

Sonja Saroni retired from Continental Airlines, Inc as a Flight Attendant and participates with Maurice in the business. Sonja’s experiences include Certified Elementary School Reading and Arts Specialist, Cashier, Manager of the Bakery and Employees Cafeteria, Floral owner – designer and Head Chef – Owner in her Pie Bakery Shoppe. Her hobbies include doll collecting, sewing, floral and visual design, miniature horses and keeping up with the 18 Grandchildren.

Vianney Saroni, General Manager, graduated from Seattle Community College as a certified welding specialist. He also has five years of architectural design experience from CDO HS and the University of Arizona. His business experience includes Sales in outdoor sports, and restaurants. His hobbies include restoring a 1951 Dodge truck, soccer, artist in all media, blacksmithing, backpacking, hiking, and mountaineering.