Back splashes In Tucson

Basically, any product may be utilized as a back splash. Let your creative mind explore the mediums that are available. Some mediums are listed below.

Acrylic Back Splashes

This medium is the same as the solid surface counter top provided by LG – HI MACS. They can be constructed in any heights and widths. Another unique feature is that inlays may be provided to accent the character of your home.

Laminate Back Splashes

This medium is produced in many colors and forums. Typically, they are produced in sheets and are cut and molded to make the counter top. Laminate flooring can also be used to provide a wood looking like back splash.


Steel in the form of stainless steel, non-corrosive, has been used, usually it has been seen in commercial kitchens, but adapts nicely in residential usage. It is a great accent medium. It can be shinny, brushed or swirled to develop that special effect in your kitchen.

Tile Back Splashes

Ceramic tile is manufactured in many colors and styles. Tile may be obtained in quartz, marble, and granite. Let your imagination be your guide.

Tin Back Splashes

Yes, the same tin that is used for ceilings. This product comes in several designs from 3” patterns up to 24” patterns. A unique feature of tin is that it is non-corrosive.