Tucson Block windows


Acrylic Block Windows [ www.usblockwindows.com/]

These windows are very flexible in providing the customer with the desired product. The window can be created as a picture (non opening), vertical slider (single hung), horizontal slider (XO), casement (center opening), awning (bottom opening), hopper (top opening), any shapes (stock or your design), shutters, inserts ( window without the frame).

The frames material utilized is vinyl, aluminum, and PVC (polyvinyl chloride).

The frame structure may be manufactured for new construction with various positioned flanges or no flange or as a retrofit for replacement construction.

There are four colors available for the frame and the glazing material; white, sandstone, bronze and beige.

The blocks are sized as 6″, 8″, and 9″ and in various thickness. The patterns are wave, column, glacier, and heritage.

A sunblock can be added to the blocks to increase the insulative quality (mu factor) as well as decrease the ultra violet ray penetration.

The energy star blocks are the E3. This block is triple glazed and can contain the sunblock additive.

Design Criteria Windows- Acrylic Block

The basic design criteria for new construction is that the block size utilized for the window requires an additional two (2) inches be added to the overall block size to accommodate the frame and window. The customer may desire an insert, which does not include the frame. This sizing would require about 3/8″ more than the width of the number of blocks utilized.

The acrylic block may be cut to fit any size the customer desires. For remodeling or replacement purposes, almost all of the pass through light can be maintained. Only the glazing would reduce the amount of light that would pass through. This is a tremendous advantage over the glass block installation.