Your Tucson Cabinets Solution

Our Cabinet Making Philosophy

Cabinets are cabinets and can be utilized in whatever application desired. Try not to categorize them as kitchen, bath, etc. Think outside to the box and create your dream system, what ever it may be. We at A Handyman’s Haven are fully capable of assisting every customer with his or her design. Our highly technological design software can develop your ideas into an excellent presentation to wet your palate.

Kitchen Cabinets

Bases – the normal height of kitchen cabinets are 34 1/2″, add the counter top and the 36″ height is approximated. The normal depth, front to back, of a cabinet approximates 24″. Cabinets can be pulled forward to develop additional counter space in the front to back region. Deeper cabinets require larger counter tops, however, increased counter space may be an asset for the kitchen. The widths of the bases, left to right, normally start at 9″ and increase to 48″ in 3″ increments. Some widths in the larger sizes are not manufactured.

Uppers – uppers vary in height to accommodate various aspects of kitchen design. They vary from a 12″ height to a 42″ height. There increments are normally 12″, 15″, 18″, 21″, 24″, 30″, 36″, & 42″. Various combinations of heights can be stacked to provide the effect desired. The widths, left to right, of the cabinets normally start at 9″ and extend to 48″ in 3″ increments. Some of the larger sizes are not available.

Bathroom Cabinets

Vanity bases – the normal height of bathroom bases approximates 30″, add the counter top to obtain the 31″ height. The normal depth, front to back, approximates 21″. The vanity base can be pulled forward to create a larger working space. Some manufacturers produce a 34 1/2″ vanity base, executive height at a 21″ depth, front to back. The kitchen height cabinets with a 24” depth can be utilized in the bathroom producing a deeper counter top.

Vanity uppers – many upper cabinets can be utilized as upper cabinets in the bathroom. They can be surfaced mounted or imbedded in between the studs. The interior door panel, flat recessed or raised panel can be routered out and a mirror can be glazed in. This modification provides for a deeper and unique bathroom cabinet. Standard medicine cabinets are available as surface or imbedded mounts, with or without mirrors.

Laundry Cabinets

Any base or upper cabinet can be utilized in the laundry. Create your dream and select the cabinets.

Entertainment Center Cabinets

Any combination of cabinets can be placed together to create that special designed entertainment center for any room you desire.

Closet Cabinets

We have special cabinets available for your closet design. Basically, any cabinet can be utilizes in the closet to create that special effect for maximum utilization of space. Also, special cabinet structure specifically for the closet is available.

Garage Cabinets

We have special cabinets that can be utilized in the garage. Basically, any cabinet can be utilized in the garage.

Office Cabinets

All cabinets with their drawer units can be utilized to create your office or work area space. Special pullouts and mechanisms are available to enhance the office space. File cabinets and special requirements are available.

Institutional Cabinets

We can provide institutional quality cabinets. Provide us with your drawings and we will have the quote designed to your specifications with our high quality cabinets.

Commercial Cabinets

If you have a commercial requirement for cabinets, our cabinet company can quote your project from a set of plans.

Cabinet Design Professionals

A requirement of a project encompasses various pieces of information. Please review the planning guide to assist you in your kitchen design. The kitchen needs to be measured, bring these measurements to us and we will assist in designing your project. The kitchen, the most comprehensive of the designs, requires many measurements. Print the list and fill in the blanks. Grid paper is provided for you to set your creativity in motion . Also, utilize the work sheet for your list of cabinets. When listing the materials remember the toe kick, covers the bottom of the cabinets, scribe, covers those gaps between the cabinet and the walls for that professional look, crown moulding, that enhances the upper edge of cabinets, and under cabinet moulding that dresses up the bottom of the upper cabinets. All of these mouldings are available at A Handyman’s Haven

Are You Ready For New Cabinets?

Before the planning process can begin, the room must be measured to give you’re a handyman’s Haven a solid idea of available space. The more accurate and complete the information, the more time you will save and the easier it will be to get your new cabinetry ordered and delivered.
To get started you will need a sheet of grid paper, pencil, tape measure and a copy of the measuring guide below:

Glossary of Terms
Stove landings areas
Working triangle


Your cabinet hardwood requires tender loving care. We have available special hardwood cleaning supplies for all hardwoods.

Enhancement program

The Kitchen Kompact, low cost cabinets, have the basic cabinets to create that special kitchen for you. However, there are many cabinets that the higher cost cabinet lines have available that would enhance your kitchen that are not available in this line. We modify many of our cabinets to produce that special requirement. An example would be the 24″ deep cabinet that can be provided above the refrigerator. This cabinet can be developed at A Handyman’s Haven. We have developed some 100 modifications that provide the customer with a high quality looking kitchen and maintaining a low cost project. When we design your kitchen, these enhanced cabinets will be discussed with you.

10 x 10 Kitchens

Kitchen Cabinet Manufactures Association, (kcma) created a standard kitchen where a customer may compare prices of one cabinet company to another cabinet company. The price is established as a dollar value per linear foot. The kitchen is known as a 10 x 10 or a 20-foot “L” kitchen. Design and cabinet composition.

    1. A plan of a 10 x 10 kitchen
    2. An elevation, perspective, view of a kitchen

Kitchen Guide


Various cabinets are available for accessibility purposes. Some cabinets can be adapted to create that required design while other cabinets are manufactured specifically for the purpose.