Cabinet doors / fronts

Cabinet doors are constructed in various ways. They are Mitered, picture frame style, Mortise and Tenon, Flat, Raised Panel, and Flat Panel. The panels are veneered onto particleboard or Medium Density Fiberboard core. The raised panels can be veneered onto the same core as described above or they may be solid strips of wood. He more wood, the greater the cost.

Cabinet doors and drawer fronts can be purchased in any size and most styles out of many wood species.  Every cabinet company has available its doors and fronts in the colors, wood, and styles that it produces for its cabinets.

We have available cabinet door companies that specialize in many additional styles, colors, and wood species. Some companies accomplish stain matching to produce that certain color the customer desires.

Drawer fronts are normally constructed of solid strips of wood. The five-piece drawer front may be joined through mitering or mortise and tenon joinery. The panel is constructed similarly to the doors.


Cabinet drawer boxes


We have available manufactures that produce drawer boxes of any size. Drawer boxes can be made of various wood products. The most common is Medium Density Fiberboard and Particle Board. Some companies choose Baltic Plywood, Birch, or Maple.  These last three woods are an upgrade and increase the overall cost, however they do provide a better drawer box. The construction varies as a function of cost and the drawer front construction.

If the drawer front is of flat stock then the drawer box may be mated to the drawer front by screws, English dovetail, or French dovetail.  If the drawer front is a five-piece front then the drawer box is mated to the drawer front through English dovetails.


Cabinet refacing


Cabinet refacing is the process of covering the rails and stiles of existing cabinets with a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive veneer that is about 1/16” in thickness.  New door and drawer front styles are then selected.  The advantage of this process is to reduce the cost of providing new cabinets. New cabinets would require demolition, redesigning the kitchen, installing the new cabinets, and a new counter top.  This cost has to be offset against the cost of refacing. The process is labor intensive.

Each rail and stile has to be covered with an adhesive veneer, Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA), trimmed and joined properly. New doors and drawer fronts are then ordered for the special look the customer desires. All of the cabinet companies that are represented by A Handyman’s Haven has cabinet refacing materials available.


Cleaning supplies

Hardwood – floors and cabinets
hardwoods such as the wood species utilized for cabinet face frames, doors & drawer fronts require a special cleaning agent.  The wood requires vitalization not an agent that leaves a film or strips off the luster of the top coat.

Laminate – hard surfaces
Laminate floors should NEVER be wet mopped; the use of a dry mop is best.  However, there may be times that spots may be present. These spots should be cleaned with the appropriate agent that removes the spot and leaves no film.

A Handyman’s Haven provides both of these cleaning agents for the cabinets and laminates that we sell.