Enhancement program

The kitchen compact line of cabinets is produced in six (6) styles. Four (4) in oak and two (2) in maple.  The number of cabinets available for a project approximate 85, walls, bases, pantries, etc. Many of the cabinets can be modified to provide cabinets that are available in a higher priced line of cabinets at a lower cost. An example is taking two wall cabinets of identical size and ganging, one behind the other. This modification would provide the 24” deep wall cabinet that would be placed over the top of the refrigerator presenting a finished look.

  1. All bases can be converted to a full height door.
  2. All bases can be reduced in height from 34 ½ to 30”
  3. All uppers can be ganged together for a 24” deep cabinet
  4. Refrigerator end panels are available.
  5. All drawer bases can be converted into deep drawer units.
  6. A two drawer base is available
  7. Many pullouts are available for all cabinets
  8. Vanity bases can be converted into full drawer units
  9. Corner units can be stacked for tall lazy lazy susans
  10. Full extension guides can be provided
  11. Some uppers may be turned on their sides for wide opening doors
  12. Pantries can be set up with individual doors
  13. Some bases can have their center mullion removed
  14. Full width pullouts can be made available for some bases
  15. Lattice wine racks can be installed in uppers and bases