Counter Tops In Tucson

15yr Warranty

Solid Surface Counter Tops

We market the lg hi-macs solid surface counter top. This top is far superior to any other counter top manufactured. It is the only counter top that has a fully renewable, 15 year fully transferable warranty backed by the manufacture and the fabricator. Also, the product does not require repetitive maintenance as a natural product would.

This counter top is non-porous. Therefore, bacteria, fungus, and mold cannot develop in the natural pores of the top.  Ceramic tile with its grout lines has a porosity factor of 8% to 20% even though the grout is sealed. Do to the shifting of all homes on a daily basis, the grout may separate, unnoticed, and develop fine cracks. Preventative maintenance, such as periodic sealing of a all grout and natural products such as granite, marble, stone, slate, concrete or compositions thereof is not required of lg hi-macs products.

Fully Renewable – indicates that the counter top can be repaired for scratches and knicks and for the most part not visible. This feature is almost impossible with any other type of surface.

Laminate counter tops would have to be filled and would be noticeable. Natural products, stone, slate, concrete, marble, quartz, granite, synthetics that have impregnated natural products, would have to filled or ground down and would be noticeable. Tile if cracked would go through a tedious replacement process.

15-year warranty – lg hi-macs is the only manufacture that has a warranty of 15 years. The fabricator can repair the customer’s solid surface counter top at any time during the warranty period.

Fully Transferable – lg hi-macs warranty can be transferred to a new owner for the remaining period of warranty time, a great selling point for your home.

lg-viatera15yr Warranty
More details

LG Viatera, categorized as quartz surfacing, is the newest addition to the LG family of countertop surfacing products. LG Viatera comes from Italy, a place where stone products are renowned for their elegant beauty and superior quality.


15yr Warranty

The new LG HI-MACS Volcanics collection brings a unique beauty to kitchens across America. The Volcanics collection attains the performance of all LG HI-MACS products, backed by the only 15-year warranty in the Industry.


15yr Warranty

Green is definitely our color. The LG HI-MACS Eden Collection worships our Earth with a host of nor-porous, stain-resistant natural colors created from recycled materials. So the surface stays beautiful longer and so does the Planet. Again backed by the only 15-year Warranty in the Industry.

Compare this 15-year Warranty to Laminate, granite, marble, concrete, tile of solid surface by any other manufacturer. None will be found to be better.

Wood Counter Tops

A counter top can be manufactured out of any wood specie available in the world. It is amazing what time, energy, and money can accomplish.

Cultures Marble / Cultured Granite Counter Tops

This is a process where acrylics, gypsum, resins and marble or granite dust is formed in to a counter top for non-hot areas.  The bathroom and just plain counter tops are the desired location.  The kitchen area is not a desirable area for this type of counter top.

The process tires to simulate the actual marble or granite look at a cost that is much lower than the actual marble or granite.

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