Tucson Door Experts

Interior Doors

We have interior doors that are manufactured from hardboard, pine, knotty pine, alder, knotty alder, mahogany, oak, hemlock, luan, birch, embossed, carved, routered, molded, speciality

Exterior Doors

Exterior doors are manufactured from oak, hemlock, steel and fiberglass.

Hollow core Doors

Hollow core doors are generally utilized as interior doors. There are some hollow core doors that may be installed as exterior doors. The surface composition usually consists of oak, birch, luan, and molded hardboard

Solid Core Doors

These doors are filled with particle board, polystyrene, and wood.

Wood Doors

Wood doors are uniquely manufactured today. To minimize warping, twisting, and bowing most if not all wood doors are solid wood core with veneered exterior surfaces. The panels may be solid wood. Therefore, wood doors are basically a four ply door. There are two veneered exterior surfaces with two plys of solid finger jointed wood on the interior, between the veneers. These doors are available in oak, hemlock, pine, knotty pine, alder, knotty alder, mahogany, and birch. Because of this manufacturing process the resizing of the door is limited.

Steel Doors

Steel doors are filled with polystyrene for increased insulative value. The doors can be cut in height only. Many window inserts are available for these doors. Steel doors are an excellent standby for all occasions.

Molded Doors

These doors are routered to present a carved door look.. The door presents a great amount of depth in its visibility.

Carved Doors

These doors are carved with customer’s designs in mind. They present an uniqueness that no other door has.

Routered Doors

There are several designs of routered doors. These doors have the ability to dress up any home and create much warmth throughout.

Specialty Doors

These doors are designed by the customer. They are routered out to a special design. They can be the business logo, a favorite ball team, etc.

Fiberglass Doors

These doors are the ultimate in door construction. They are generally filled with polystyrene for insulative and sound suppression value. They can be painted of stained and can have a wood grain presentation.

Residential Doors

Any doors can be used in a customer’s residence and therefore may be called a residential door.

These doors are specifically designed for commercial utilization. There specifications comply with commercial usage.

French Doors

What is a French door? There are many definitions available. They may have one window, or multiple windows, or may be very fancy. What is probably true is that there is always some glass in the door. They can be utilized for interior as well as exterior. They may be single or double hung, one or two doors. They may have sidelights on one side or both. Many combinations are available.

Double Hung Doors

These doors are manufactured two ways. They may have ball catches or may have the standard latch system. There is an astragal between the two doors if it is going to be utilized with a latch. The astragal contains the locking mechanism for the passive door.

Patio Doors

These doors by Jeld-Wen’s definition are similar in nature as sliding doors. That is one pane is fixed, cannot be opened, and the other door being the active one. There are four styles of swing for these door systems. Then may be constructed with sidelights.

Accordion Doors

These doors may be manufactured out of several materials. Ours are manufactured out of wood. These doors collapse back into themselves and do not require swing space to open. However, it does reduce the door opening by the thickness of the door in its collapse position.

Bipass Doors

These doors are two doors that slide past each other. Swing room is not required. However, only one half of the opening is opened at any one time. There may be two or three doors that bypass each other.

Pocket Doors

A pocket door is a door system where the door slides back into the wall. These doors require no swing space for opening or closing.

Arch Doors

These doors have an arched top. They can be manufactured as a single or double door. Review the double hung explanation above. These doors are prehung only.

Door Frames

There are four types of frames, Carbon Coated, finger joint, solid, veneered, and steel.
Carbon Coated – paint grade, precoated and sealed.
Finger joint – paint grade
Solid – stain grade
Veneered – normally used for hardwoods and can be painted or stained
Steel – these doors can be used in new construction and retrofit construction.

All wood frames can come in various depths starting form
3 1/2″ up 9″. These wood frames can also be kerfed so the wall can be rolled into the door frame providing the round corner appearance.

The steel frames may come in 4 3/4″ width with a flexible frame expanding up to 6″.

Door Accessories

A complete line of accessories is available:
Hinges of different sizes, colors, and radii.
Door closers
Strike plates
Finger pulls
Bipass rail kits – standard and heavy duty
Pocket door kits